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Adobe Acrobat Level I

Adobe Acrobat Level I is a 1-day course that will cover everything from the basics of converting an electronic document to a PDF to enhancing a PDF with interactivity. Students will learn to use Acrobat for creating, editing, and optimizing PDF documents, creating and filling out forms, collaborating on reviews, and more!

Introduction to Adobe Acrobat

Program overview and document navigation

Exploring the work area

Overview of Tools and Toolbars

Optimizing the Acrobat workspace

Working with the The Task Panes: Tools, Comment, or Share

Tips and tricks for better ways to read and search PDFs

Create Adobe PDF Files

via drag and drop

through the print command

via the copy command

from batches of files

from web pages

from Microsoft Office applications (MS Windows focus)

adding attachments to PDFs

Tips and tricks for creating better PDFs

Working With Forms in Acrobat

Create forms both automatically and manually

Add, edit, and format form fields

Add calculations and actions to forms

Add buttons to a form for printing, submitting, and clearing data

Make PDF forms functionable for Acrobat Reader users

Distribute and track forms

Import and export form data

Tips and tricks for better PDF forms

Basic Editing of PDF Documents

Insert pages, delete pages, rotate pages, and change page order

Renumber pages in a PDF

Extract pages to a new PDF document

Add headers and footers to a document

Copy text out of a PDF for use in another program

Copy images out of a PDF for use in another program

Save PDF pages as Jpeg files

Reduce PDF file size for sending via email

Advanced Editing of PDF Documents

Make type edits to PDF pages

Add new text to a PDF page

Use OCR to access text from scanned pages

Make adjustments to photos and graphics

Add new photos and graphics to a page

Create a PDF from scratch in Acrobat

Add tags for better accessibility and editability

Exporting PDf content back to Microsoft Word

REALLY reduce PDF file size and optimize your PDF's quality

Tips and tricks for easier editing of PDFs

Enhance Your PDFs with Interactivity

Make page transitions for Powerpoint-like presentations

Create and edit bookmarks for easier navigation

Create and edit email and web links in a PDF document

Include interactive buttons and page links in a PDF document

Insert video and animation files into a PDF

Insert audio files and set play behaviors

Tips and tricks of PDF interactivity

Use PDF Based Reviews to Improve Workflow

Streamline the review process

Add comments, notes, audio notation, stamps and add corrections markup

Export, Import, print and summarize comments and other markup

Make a PDF review accessible to users of Acrobat Reader

Setup an e-mail review

Setup a Web-based review with

Manage reviewers and track feedback

Take advantage of free online meetings and storage via

Collaborate on writing projects via Buzzword, Acrobat's free online word-processing program

Sign and Lock Your PDF Documents

Review Acrobat's security features, including passwords, signatures and certificates

Set document permissions and restrictions

Unlock a protected PDF to make edits

Create a digital signature

Sign and secure a PDF

Certify PDF files

Add signatures to certified documents

Use PDF ‘envelopes’ for secure attachments