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Adobe Illustrator Level I

 This class is an introductory course for designers and illustrators new to the Illustrator environment, or existing users who wish to formalize their training. The class will start with basic principles and move through to an intermediate level by the end of the 2nd day. Students needing a slower pace are encouraged to take our Illustrator for the Non-Designer class.

Introduction to Illustrator and its Workspace

Illustrator vs Photoshop (Vector vs Bitmap)

overview of the menus, panels, and tools

using the help system and other support functions

zooming, panning and navigating

locking and hiding objects

Learning to Draw Vector Art

using the pencil and blob brushes

building drawings with basic shapes and lines

formatting basic shapes with color and stroke

combining shapes with the shapebuilder tool and pathfinder panel

understanding basic pen tool operations

Formatting Objects

applying strokes—dashed lines, joins, caps, weight

creating beautiful strokes with the width tool

applying colors, patterns, and gradients

applying brush strokes to paths

creating custom colors, patterns, and gradients

formatting colors as spot, global or Pantone® swatches

Making the Computer Do the Work

transforming objects with the scale, shear, rotate & reflect tools

avoiding repetitive tasks

doing the math (or not)

dragging to make copies

using offset path for a perfect fit

Working with Groups

creating grouped objects

applying attributes to groups

understanding group isolation mode

Applying Illustrator's Effects

Adding drop shadows, glows, and feathers

warping objects with preset effects

distorting objects and lines

Keeping Up Appearances

understanding the appearance panel

applying object formatting with the appearance panel

editing effects through the appearance panel

Creating Layouts in Illustrator

defining a new document

adding and removing artboards

creating grids and guides

importing photographs

adding text frames

Text in Illustrator

point type vs. paragraph text

run text along a path

put text inside of unique shapes

creating outlines from text

character and paragraph formatting

wrap text around objects

exploring text frame options

Working with Layers

getting organized with layers

moving an object from one layer to another

changing the stacking order

locking layers to protect your art

selecting objects with the layers palette

Preparing Art for Output to Web or Print

overview of file types

saving .ai and .eps files

saving for Microdsoft office

saving for web & devices

saving as pdf


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“Michael was great! It is really nice to have an instructor who really knows what he is talking about and can provide realistic examples. Michael is really helpful and really good about going around the room to make sure all questions are answered.”

“Michael was an excellent instructor. He clearly knows the program backward and forward, and he also is adept at conveying his knowledge to the class.”