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“This was one of the best Adobe classes I’ve taken so far. Michael did an excellent job explaining difficult concepts, was very well prepared, and made it fun and enjoyable!! Well done!”

Adobe Illustrator Level II

This class is a deeper dive into Adobe Illustrator for designers and illustrators who already have working familiarity with the Illustrator environment or who have taken our level I class. The class will start with a brief review of Level I principles and move quickly into mastering Illustrator's controls and more advanced features.

What's New

overview of changes since the last update

Quick Review

using basic shapes to speed up the illustraton process

working with the appearance panel

Advanced Drawing Options

creating variable line widths and tapered lines

subtler shading with gradient mesh

creating beautiful strokes with the width tool

multiple fills in a single object

multiple strokes on a single path

create custom calligraphy, scatter and art brushes

Useful Tricks

adding an outline stroke to a group

creating wormholes

envelope distortion and warps

pdf type trick

text inside of text

All About Color

working with Illustrator's color editing capability

converting 4/C artwork to spot colors on the fly

get color suggestions with kuler

Working with Layers

getting organized with layers

moving an object from one layer to another

changing the stacking order

locking layers to protect your art

selecting objects with the layers palette

Keeping Up Appearances

understanding the appearance panel

applying object formatting with the appearance panel

editing effects through the appearance panel

Mastering Illustrator's Pen Tool

overview of the pen tool

applying keyboard shortcuts to improve pen drawing

learning the best position for anchor points when tracing a path

balancing direction handles for better control of paths

editing paths

Getting Fast Results with Live Trace and Live Paint

using the eraser tools

Doing Things That 'Can't Be Done' in Illustrator

applying gradients to live text

applying images inside of live text

Putting Things in Perspective

overview of Illustrator's perspective drawing tools

customizing the perspective grid

drawing in perspective

drawing flat and converting to perspective

Make Amazing Art with the 3D Effects

overview of the 3D controls

creating common and uncommon 3D objects with revolve, extrude, and rotate

mapping art onto 3D shapes

customize the lighting controls

common pitfalls to avoid

Production Tricks and Preparing Art for Print

using overprint preview

using separations preview

seeing the true appearance of black

just say no to registration and create your own rich black

apply tints instead of transpareny

adding used colors

clearing out the swatches panel

solving transparency problems

saving .ai and .eps files (or not)

saving as pdf

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