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Adobe InDesign Level II

Take your typesetting and page layout skills to the next level and 'fill in the holes' of your InDesign know-how with our Adobe InDesign Level II class. Explore lesser known features and advanced options, take greater advantage of  styles, and learn to work more efficiently. Students needing a refresher or introduction to the program's fundamentals are encouraged to take our InDesign Level I class.

What's New in InDesign

overview of new features since the last update

Setting Up InDesign Like a Power User

pre-set InDesign defaults to meet your needs

setting and saving preferences

customizing keyboard shortcuts

customizing and saving the workspace

create a set of frequently used characters with the glyphs panel

backing up the preferences files

Working Efficiently in InDesign Via Adobe Bridge

overview of Adobe Bridge

Bridge vs Libraries

finding, sorting, organizing and managing files within Adobe Bridge

creating favorites and collections for quick access to files

accessing document information without opening the file

accessing images using the Mini Bridge panel

Controlling Typography with InDesign

making type change with story editor

taking advantage of contextual menus

using quick apply to access styles and menu commands

review of character and paragraph styles

nesting character styles within a paragraph style

auto-styling pages of text with the apply style then next command

easy typography keyboard shortcuts

tricks for flowing text

using text variables

options for creating better line breaks

using the story panel for better type alignment

customizing hyphenation and justification

exploring opentype

accessing underline options

creating page and column breaks

spanning a headline across columns in a single text frame

splitting a text frame into a mix of single and multiple columns

moving text around via the paste without formatting command

mapping styles from MS Word to InDesign

cleaning up common copywriter and typist errors

Organizing Data with Tabs and Tables

understanding the proper usage of tabs

creating columns and column alignments

converting tabbed text to tables

importing tables from MS Word and Excel

creating new tables

formatting tables

adding graphics to a table

creating and applying table styles

creative uses for the tables feature

Controlling the Layout

creating documents with different page sizes

review of master pages

creating parent and child master pages

using masters with page elements on layers

review of the layers panel

altering page numbers

adjusting white space with the new gap tool

applying text wrap around graphics and images

using layout adjustment to resize finished pages easily

Advanced Graphics

placing multiple image at once

using gridify to organize placed images

using object layer options with Photoshop and Illustrator files

anchoring images to text

adjusting anchored object options

using fitting commands and auto-fit

moving images via paste-into

Mastering Transparency and Effects

adding glows, drop shadows, fades, and other effects

applying effects to text, fills, and strokes separately

creating tints vs applying transparency

creating and applying transparency and effects via object styles

the end of clipping paths—using Photoshop transparency in InDesign

understanding blend modes

Pre-Press Considerations

setting up and using InDesign's live preflight feature

checking the links panel and embedding images

accessing separations and flattener previews

using the ink manager for spot and process colors

understanding transparency flattening

setting custom transparency flattening

packaging multiple files with the book feature

understanding the PDF preset


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“Good class. I learned more tricks of the trade from Michael on how to merge data and create templates with InDesign. Though the pace was faster than the fundamental class, this session was very informative and interesting. He's a wonderful, insightful teacher.”

“The instructor's knowledge of complex topics made this class worth every minute.I am extremely pleased with the material covered.”

“Michael was a very good and engaging instructor. He balances the lessons with practical, real life experiences and insight into the design/print world. He was also very open to covering topics from all angles - beginner to advance. I've enjoyed this class and am looking forward to the next one.”