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Adobe InDesign Level I

This class is an introductory course for those who are essentially beginners with page layout software or for anyone who is self-trained and wishes to formalize their training. Besides developing familiarity with the program interface, topics will include creating basic graphics, generating design layouts, managing multi-page documents, a strong typography component, and preparing documents for press. The class will start with basic principles and move through to an intermediate level by the end of the 2nd day. Students needing a slower pace are encouraged to take our InDesign for the Non-Designer class.

Introduction to InDesign and its Workspace

Adobe InDesign vs Microsoft Word

overview of the menus panels and tools

customizing the workspace to meet your needs

using the help system and other support functions

zooming, panning and navigating

beginning to learn keyboard shortcuts

points and picas or inches

selecting and manipulating page elements

Creating New Documents and Layouts

starting from scratch

adding text frames to a page

importing images

adding color

adding and deleting pages

modifying page sizes, margins and column guides

Creating Basic Graphic Elements

a mini Illustrator lesson in InDesign

creating graphics and illustrations from frames

creating rounded corners on frames

applying colors and strokes

using the pathfinder panel

transforming, scaling, rotating and modifying objects

setting a reference point for transformations

Working with Text

generating text in InDesign

importing text from outside sources

using placeholder text

general character formatting

general paragraph formatting

using shortcuts for text formatting

understanding and applying kerning & tracking

correctly creating space between paragraphs

creating drop caps

accessing text frame options

splitting and spanning columns

creating type on a shape and type on a path

wrapping text around graphics

organizing columns of data with tabs

avoiding common typesetting errors

Automating Text Formatting with Styles

overview of paragraph and character styles

creating and using paragraph styles

creating and using character styles

editing styles

over-riding a style

redefining a style from an over-ride

Working with Images

placing photos and graphics

drag-and-drop vs copy-and-past

resizing images and frames the easy way

using the fitting command

supported image formats

understanding image resolution

managing images with the links panel

Working with Color

using the color picker, swatches, gradients, and color panels

adding custom CMYK color mixes

properly generating color tints

adding Pantone colors

creating and applying custom gradients

Applying Transparency and Effects

overview of the Effects panel

making graphics and photos semi transparent

adding drop shadows to text and images

creating soft edges

applying fades to graphics and photos

Managing Multi-Page Documents

looking at the pages panel in depth

creating a tri-fold brochure

setting up master pages

generating page number automatically

getting organized with layers

using guides and grids to order the layout

Getting it Printed

printing in house

understanding PDF presets

creating your own preset

using preflight, InDesign's built in quality checker

collecting files to send to a professional printer



Upcoming Classes:

“I enjoyed the ‘hands-on’ technique and the instructor’s style of teaching. He was extremely knowledgeable and approachable. The material was very technical, yet presented in a very ‘user friendly’ manner. I came into the class as a true beginner and I am leaving with information I can use in my employment well in my personal life.”

“The instructor was great! He was very easy to follow and the examples given for the lessons really helped me to understand personal applications for what I learned. I can't wait to take more classes!”