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Adobe Captivate Level I

Develop on screen learning modules without programming using Captivate's responsive authoring. Transform traditional presentations into engaging eLearning using interactivity, voices, actors, and quizzes that will work on mobile devices, the web, desktops, and leading LMSs.


What is eLearning?

Using eLearning to improve performance and flexibility

Different varieties of eLearning

What is Instructional Design?

Defining learning objectives and learner needs

Defining milestones for the eLearning process

Getting to Know Captivate

Buttons, Click Boxes & Rollover Images

Setting up Captivate Preferences

Storyboard, Edit and Branching

Captivate Slides

Exploring Project Views

Navigating through a Project

Using Project Templates

Zooming for Effect

Using the Timeline and Library

Working with the Property Inspector

Using Master Slides

Understanding Scripts

Setting Recording Areas

Setting Preferences

Recording Demonstrations

Automatically include mouse movements, highlight boxes and captions

Setting Recording Preferences and Keys

Typing text with sound in Demonstration mode

Recording in Assessment and Simulation modes

Using the Hint and Success captions

Record a Custom Assessment Simulation

Editing in FMR mode

Using Automatic and Manual Panning

Generating Image Slideshows

Understanding the Timeline

View all objects and their relationships to each other

Working with the Timeline Settings

Changing Slide Display Times

Changing Object Display Times

Using the Playhead to Scrub and Preview

Objects & Images

Creating Objects

Changing Objects

Showing and hiding Timeline Objects

Aligning and drawing objects

Using Options to Control Objects

Sizing and Cropping Images

Creating Slides from Images

Placing images within slides

Adjusting transparency

Pointers, Highlight Boxes and Buttons

Using External Web Links

Using Object Styles

Reusing Styles in other Captivate projects

Properties, Rollovers and Buttons

Working with Pointer Paths and Pointer Types

Working with Text Buttons, Image Buttons and Highlight Boxes

Adding Rollovers

Modifying Zoom Areas

Adjusting Properties of Rollovers

Setting up Rollover Slidelets

Formatting and customizing Slidelets

Inserting Objects, Captions, and Audio into a Slidelet

Using  Audio

Adding and Editing Audio

Modifying Audio Timing

Adding Silence to Audio Files

Speaking Slide Notes

Recording Original Audio


Recording, importing and copying animation

Animation and Flash Video

Setting a Frame Rate

Changing Demonstrations Into Simulations

Adding Text Animations

Adding SWF, AVI, GIF or FLA files

Modifying a Slide’s Display Time

Using Skins

Applying and Customizing Skins

Using Skin Elements: playback controls, border, and table of contents

Editing Playback Controls with the Skin Editor

Finalizing the Project

Adding Loading Screens to the beginning of Captivate projects

Using predefined Loading Screens

Customizing your own Loading Screens

Creating a Table of Contents

Publishing Handouts,Lessons or Step-by-Step guides

Round-Tripping with Powerpoint

When is the Class?!

At the moment Digital DesignLab offers Captivate training classes on a request basis. If you need to learn Captivate, give us a call and we'll set something up with one of our associates (always an Adobe Certified Instructor).

We can host classes for you in the Chicago area in our Oak Park classroom, or we can send an instructor out to you anywhere in the USA.