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Web Design with
Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver has been Adobe's flagship web development application for a good many years and is the right solution for you if you want a program that has quick access to the features you need to build a website AND one that allows you to get under the hood and work with the code. You can even work with both the code and the graphic page on screen at the same time with  Dreamweaver's split screen feature! In this class you'll master Dreamweaver's interface and learn take advantage of its quick formatting features to put your site together and you'll learn to take it further when you know how to read and write various coding options, including HTML5, CSS, and Javascript. It's the best of both worlds!

Understanding HTML5

why HTML5 is important

Learn to use HTML5 code and understand both its strengths and weaknesses

Updates and Improvements to HTML5

New HTML Tags for Designers

The transition from HTML4 to HTML5 and new capabilities including video and animation

CSS1, CSS2, and evolving JavaScript, XML and data, Core Tag Language enhancements

CSS Tags as a supplement to HTML


Modifications to sections such as using the SECTION and ACTION tags

Using the HEADER and FOOTER Tags

New Text Level semantic additions such as the MARK, TIME and PROGRESS Tags

How forms have changed in HTML5, Displaying data with the DISPLAY and DATAGRID settings

Migrating your webistes to work with the new HTML5 standard

CSS3 for Designers

Understanding CSS

Controlling your page with CSS for better font display and interactivity

Embedding fonts and adding text effects

Using enhanced Border Control

Applyingsimple animations with CSS3

Adding image controls with HTML5 using new Bitmap image formats

Incorporating interactive vector based image control in 2D and 3D

Working with Images and Illustrations

Understanding Bitmap images: JPEG, GIF and PNG files

Introducing Vector Images for web use

Deciding to use Flash or HTML and Javascript

Introducing SVG and the CANVAS Tag

Working with 2D and 3D formatting with CANVAS

Creating shapes, lines, and text

Controlling color

Applying transformations and shadow effects

Adding interactivity with JavaScript

Working with video and audio

Streaming media through Rich Internet Applications

Using Flash to deliver video

Understanding video tags support in Mobile phones

Understanding AUDIO and VIDEO tags

Deploy video/audio servers that communicate with HTML5 code

Add Interactivity with JavaScript

Take advantage of Open Source JavaScript Libraries to quickly build Web applications

Add JavaScript to CSS, HTML, SVG and CANVAS

Supercharge JavaScript with AJAX, Data control with XML in AJAX

Using SPRY AJAX Libraries

When is the Class?!

At the moment Digital DesignLab is offering Dreamweaver training classes on a request basis. Give us a call and we'll set something up with one of our associates (always an Adobe Certified Instructor).

We can host classes for you in the Chicago area in our Oak Park classroom, or we can send an instructor out to you anywhere in the USA.