Frequently Asked Questions

I need a class that I don't see listed on your site. Do you offer other classes?

If you need a class that's not listed on our site please just give us a call or use our "Get a Custom Quote" link above to let us know what you need. We have a network of Adobe Certified Instructors who teach the full range of Adobe Creative software and we can facilitate the training you need either in our classroom or at your location.

I'm coming to one of your classes in Oak Park. Do I need to bring my own laptop/computer to the class?

You do NOT need to bring your own computer, we provide machines running either Mac OS or Windows 7 for student use. You might want to bring a pen and paper for note-taking but that's all you'll need.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, there is a parking garage across the street from us. The entrance is on North Boulevard, just East of Oak Park Avenue and just across from the "L" train tracks. The cost is about $10 per day. If you are attending a weekend class, parking is free in the garage on Sunday.

There is also metered street parking nearby for  $1 an hour so about $8 for the duration of a day's class. Meters are not enforced after 6 pm M-Sa and all day on Sundays so if you are attending an evening or Sunday class, street parking is free during those times. We recommend using the Passport Parking App if you have a smartphone. It makes feeding the meter a whole lot easier.    Android   iOS

I'm interested in taking a class but not sure what level is right for me. Can you tell me the difference between the Non-Designer class and the Level I class?

Both the Non-Designer classes and the Level I classes start at ground zero, with the assumption that all students are complete novices with the programs. The Non-Designer classes are designed to get students up and running with the software, providing a level of knowledge and comfort that will allow you to make edits and even create new materials from scratch with a minimum of fuss. The focus is functionality. Candidates for these one-day classes are those people who find that they need to work with graphics but who spend the majority of their day doing other things like marketing, management, sales, running a small business, etc.

The Level I classes are designed for students who are or will be spending the majority of their day working with graphics. The focus is  about professional best practices and skill building. This two-day class will start at beginner but take users on to an intermediate level. Candidates for this class include new graphic designers and photographers, working graphic artists who want to 'fill in the holes' of their knowledge base, career changers, and graphic hobbyists. The course is longer and the features of the programs are discussed in greater depth so students know both functional and technical aspects of the applications.

I'm already experienced with the program, is Level II the right class for me?

Only you can say which class is right for your needs but in determining which class to take we encourage you to look at both the level I and level II  class descriptions. If you have a solid understanding of the topics in the level I class then certainly the level II classes are right for you. If however you are a bit shaky on some of the topics or aren't familiar with them at all, we'd recommend using the level I class as a refresher and restarting point to really solidify your expertise in the programs and then following that up with the more advanced Level II class. The level II classes build on topics from level I and move from an intermediate beginning point to an advanced level fairly quickly. The pace is usually faster and most of the level I skills are assumed to be known by the students ahead of time. Additionally, Adobe's programs change every 18 months or so and if you haven't been to a formal training class in a while, there may be features and techniques you don't know about that are now considered fundamental to the programs and are covered in Level I.

Are there other options for advanced users?

Yes! Check out our Select Topics  and Busy Designer seminars. These are shorter sessions that cover advanced topics and issues not usually covered in our 2-day training classes. These are run as custom events that can be held on request for your organization and they also find there way onto our public calendar at irregular intervals. Please sign up to our email list for notices on upcoming public events.

I see you have a 6-month retake policy on your public classes. How does that work?

We are pleased that you chose Digital DesignLab as your training partner and want to make sure you have a great learning experience. Part of a great learning experience for us means that if for any reason in the 6 months following your original class you would like to come back and sit the class one more time, you may, and without any further cost. It sometimes helps to clarify new concepts by seeing them a second time, or you may find that you did not have the chance to use the programs much since the class and would like a refresher before your next project. Just give us a call or send us an email letting us know what class and dates you would like to sit in on. We'll make every effort to get you in, subject to availability of seating.