Looking for help with  Illustrator?

Digital DesignLab offers training classes for all levels: novice, beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.
We host classes In the Chicago area in our Oak Park classroom, or we can travel to your place of business and conduct training on-site anywhere in the USA.

Adobe Illustrator Classes

Digital Illustration with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Learn how to use the computer to enhance your traditional illustrations or paintings, or move to an entirely digital process. This class discusses electronic painting and drawing techniques starting from both scanned sketches and  executed from scratch in Illustrator and Photoshop. (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Adobe Illustrator for the Non-Designer

Brand new to design but just need to learn Illustrator? This class is one day out of our Design for the Non-Designer with Adobe Creative Cloud class. It's a down and dirty intro to vector art that will get you up and running with the program and creating or editing basic art and designs quickly. (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Adobe Illustrator Level I

Level I begins a thorough exploration of Adobe Illustrator aimed at illustration and design students, working illustrators and designers or even 'non-designers' who want to shore up their knowledge, take their skills to the next level and execute their work more effectively and efficiently. Topics start with the basics and quickly advance to intermediate by the end of the class. Professional design concepts and techniques are discussed in detail.  (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Adobe Illustrator Level II

Level II starts off where level I ends. Additional topics and more advanced features of Illustrator are covered. (see pricing info and classs syllabus)

Adobe Illustrator Select Topics

Digital DesignLab can put together custom classes to cover specific features that you want to know more about. We offer a range of topics covering the Creative Cloud applicatons and graphic arts in general. Select Topics work particularly well with our shorter training seminars and lunch 'n learn sessions. We occasionally host Select Topics Events at our Oak Park, Illinois classroom site. Sign up for our mailing list to be notified of upcoming events. (learn more)