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Adobe InDesign Classes

InDesign for the Non-Designer

InDesign for the Non-Designer is a beginner's course in Adobe InDesign for learners who have little or no previous experience with page layout software. We start at ground zero and build the basic skills necessary to creating layouts for print publication. (see pricing info and class syllabus)

InDesign Level I

Level I begins a thorough exploration of Adobe InDesign aimed at design students, working designers or even 'non-designers' who have used InDesign for creating layouts but want to shore up their knowledge, take their skills to the next level and execute their work more effectively and efficiently. Topics start with the basics and quickly advance to intermediate by the end of the class. Professional design concepts and techniques are discussed in detail.  (see pricing info and class syllabus)

InDesign Level II

Level II starts off where level I ends. Additional topics and more advanced features of InDesign are covered.  (see pricing info and class syllabus)

InDesign Topics for Busy Designers

Digital DesignLab can put together custom classes to cover specific features that you want to know more about, customizing a training session to meet your particular needs.  These select topics work especially well with our half-day or Lunch ā€™nā€™ Learn formats. (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Looking for help with  InDesign?

Digital DesignLab offers training classes for all levels: novice, beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. We host classes In the Chicago area in our Oak Park classroom, or we can travel to your place of business and conduct training on-site anywhere in the USA.