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Adobe Premiere Pro Level I

Adobe Acrobat Level I is a 1-day course that will cover everything from the basics of converting an electronic document to a PDF to enhancing a PDF with interactivity. Students will learn to use Acrobat for creating, editing, and optimizing PDF documents, creating and filling out forms, collaborating on reviews, and more!

Getting to Know the Workspace

Navigating the Premiere interface

Loading, Docking and Undocking, Grouping and Ungrouping Panels

Saving a Custom Workspace

Overview of the Tools Panel and the Options Panel

Looking at the Source Monitor and the Program Monitor

Customizing the Monitor Panel buttons

Working with the Timeline window

Navigating  in the Timeline and the Program Monitor

Managing assets with label icons and color codes

Getting started with keyboard shortcuts

Looking at Multi-Camera Editing

Zooming and Panning the interface

Getting Started with Basic Editing


Importing clips and image files

Adding and Sequencing Clips

Using "Automate to Sequence"

Creating and Embedding Video Sequences

Viewing a Rough Cut

Refining a Rough Cut

Working with the Trimming options

Tweaking Your Video in the Timeline

Exporting from the Timeline—Your first Movie!

Getting Started with Transitions

Overview of Transitions

Preparing for Transitions

Modifying Transitions with the Effects Panel

Inserting a Transition

Previewing a Transition

Adding Multiple Transitions

Transition Tips and Tricks

Working With Color and Transparency

Applying Color Corrections

Using the Three Color Corrector

Replacing Colors

Removing Colors

Changing Color Attributes Over Time

Changing Transparency Attributes Over Time

Working with Green Screen/Blue Screen for Opacity

Setting a Chroma Key to Make any Color Transparent

Applying a Track Matte Opacity Key

Basic Motion and Animation

Overview of Video Motion

Scale, Rotate, and Move clips and images

Apply Motion Paths

Create and Apply Travelling Mattes

Adding Special Effects!

Overview and Demo of Effects in Video

Understanding When to Use/Not Use Effects

Adding Multiple Effects with Adjustment Layers

Getting to know the Effects Workspace

Using effects from Photoshop and AfterEffects

Changing the order of applied Effects

Changing effects over time

Animating Effects

Using the “Time Re-Map” Effect

Applying Audio Effects

Using the Warp Stabilizer to Reduce "Shaky" Video Motion

Fundamentals of Multipoint Editing

Understanding Multi-point Editing

Traditional Editing vs. Nonlinear “time changing” Editing

Making a three-point edit

Linking/Unlinking Clips

Synchronizing Clips

Closing Gaps with Ripple Delete

Tips and tricks Multipoint Editing

Single Frame Editing

Understanding the extract and lift functions

Removing frames with the Extract button

Removing frames with the Lift button

Fine-tuning your edits

Understanding the Trim window

Adding polishing edits

Editing Nested Sequences and Multiple Sequences

Working with Multiple Sequences

Combining Multiple Sequences

Nesting sequences within one another

Making Adjustments to Several Videos Sequences at One Time

Creating Nested Sequences

Refining and Polishing a Nested Sequence

Working With Text

Overview of the Title Designer

Creating and Adding Titles and Credits

Adding Shapes with the Text

Adding Texture and Effects to Titles and Credits

Adding Animation Effects

Using Transparency with Text

Adding Titles and Credits to the Timeline

Tips and Tricks for working with Titles and Credits


Adding Audio to a Movie Project


Working with the Audio Workspace

Editing Mono and Stereo Audio Tracks

Swap audio Channels on the Timeline

Live-Adjust Sound Levels

Creating and adjusting audio effects

Using markers to synchronize clips

Mixing in Effects and Music

Using Multiple Audio Effects on a Clip

Working with Dolby 5.1 audio files—How to designate and animate what speaker the sound comes from

Exporting a Movie as a Dolby 5.1 Audio File

Working with Metadata

Create a Written Transcript of Speech from a video

Search Video Clips for Specific Spoken Words

Using the iIncluded Scripting Tools.

Finish and Export a Movie File

Understanding the different Video file types

Export for Web, DVD, or Portable Devices.

Using the Export to DVD Ccommand