When is the Class?!

Our Muse Classes run every few weeks (see our calendar or registration page for upcoming classes) but at the moment Digital DesignLab is offering our other web training classes on a request basis. Give us a call and we'll set something up with one of our associates (always an Adobe Certified Instructor).

We can host classes for you in the Chicago area in our Oak Park classroom, or we can send an instructor out to you anywhere in the USA.

Web Design Training

Web Design with Adobe Muse

Need a website but have no idea how to get started? Adobe Muse makes it EASY to plan, design and publish a full blown website with drag and drop simplicity and NO CODE! Muse handles the coding in the background as you work! Learn to design your own site from scratch or get the skills to edit a commercially available Muse template and put a professional quality site on the web quickly and easily! (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Web Design with Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Dreamweaver gives designers access to both design and coding tools for a double-sided approach to web design. Learn how to take advantage of the power of Adobe's flagship web development program to build and control websites. (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Web Design with HTML5/CSS3

All websites run on code and if you want granular control of your pages, learning the code is the way to go. You'll learn to build pages with HTML5 and CSS3 in a text editor and in web editing programs like Adobe Dreamweaver, and learn to control text and images with these professional level tools. (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Web Design with WordPress

WordPress has become something of a standard on the web with thousands of themes and templates ready to for you to take advantage of to build a web presence and get up and running quickly. You'll learn the WordPress system and how to add text and images as well as customize the look and feel of a template or build your own themes.  (see pricing info and class syllabus)

Web Interactivity & Animation with JavaScript & jQuery

Add more sophisticated navigation, interactivity, and animation to your site by taking advantage of JavaScript and jQuery. We'll teach you how to write scripts and we'll teach you how to find, edit and utilize scripts and jQuery libraries from the open source community. Complexity was never so easy! (see pricing info and class syllabus)