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Web Design with WordPress

Wordpress makes it easy to get webpages or blogs up and running with a minimum of effort. This 2 day class will walk you through the process of registering with WordPress, choosing themes, customizing your site, and incorporating your own logos, graphics, and photos.

Understanding Web Basics

HTML and its use in creating websites

Image formats for use in your website (JPG, GIF and PNG)

Understanding  Search Engines and how they find web pages.

Comparing Static and Dynamic webpages.

Introduction to WordPress

What is Wordpress?

WordPress vs Adobe Muse or Adobe DreamWeaver?

Blog  vs website?

Why use Worpress?

Wordpress and HTML

More about Search Engines.

Wordpress for Mobile Devices.

Creating a WordPress Account


Choosing a Domain Name

SEO considerations.

Getting Around in WordPress

Introducing the Wordpress Dashboard

Adjusting settings

Accessing content

Tools overview

WordPress Navigation

Modifying settings

Adding taglines

Uploading images

Creating Web Pages

Taking advantage of Templates

Creating navigation links to other pages, other websites or downloads

Choosing a Theme

Adding and formatting text

Creating subpages

Using the Administration Panel

Creating your own templates

Developing pages with SEO in mind

Creating a Blog

Blog Topics?

Widgets and customization


The Links Widget

Creating content

Using the Visual Edito

Adding links to your blog

Publishing your blog posts

Editing blog posts

Working with Graphics

Using the Image icon

Adding captions, titles, and links

Adding YouTube videos to a blog

SEO Considerations

Adding tags to your blog posting

What word combinations are effective?

Viewing the "Tag Surfer."

Comments and sharing are important

View your Blog Stats.

When is the Class?!

At the moment Digital DesignLab offers WordPress training classes on a request basis. If you need to learn WordPress give us a call and we'll set something up with one of our associates (always an Adobe Certified Instructor).

We can host classes for you in the Chicago area in our Oak Park classroom, or we can send an instructor out to you anywhere in the USA.